Direction and Results

The strategic direction and goals included in this plan are New Expectation's response to its understanding of what its clients need most to make the successful transition from poverty, crime and incarceration to a legitimate social lifestyle.

The five-year period of this strategic plan will be a time for assessing and deepening New Expectation's approach to its work.  Concurrently, New Expectations will take more of a leadership role in working with a broad array of community resources, and it will explore actively engaging more volunteers.

With a fresh perspective on its mission, understanding what it does will, and the environment in which it operates, New Expectations will pursue the following strategic direction:

1.    New Expectations will review and deepen its existing direct supports and services over time to ensure that they are useful for working effectively with at-risk youth.

2.    New Expectations will further assess client and community needs to identify gaps or opportunities for shifts in service delivery.  This assessment will serve as the basis for expanding or adding new services.

3.    New Expectations will take a leadership role in working with a wide range of providers (not just reentry service providers and also those outside Dallas County) to identify and meet the needs of at-risk youth.

4.    New Expectations will take a leadership role in working with community groups, churches, victim-rights advocates, law enforcement, judicial officials and correctional agencies or deliver social services within the community.

5.    New Expectations will explore the feasibility of expanding the organization's visibility in the community and making greater use of volunteers.

6.    New Expectations will emphasize building its discretionary financial resources to invest in providing quality services.  This includes building the scholarship fund and establishing a maintenance fund to take care of any property assets.

The following goals for New Expectations over the next five years are the organization's response to the important issues identified in the environmental scan that was completed as part of the strategic planning process.  These goals provide a roadmap for fulfilling the strategic direction.

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Transitional Service Delivery

New Expectations will organize and establish a Transitional Services Team to provide a reentry infrastructure model for at-risk youth, either directly or through partnerships with or referrals to other service providers in the following areas:
•    “On-The-Job Training” assessments twice per week
•    Transitional housing support/referrals
•    Self-Sufficiency guidance and support (i.e., S.S. cards, ID's, drivers licenses, etc.); socialization training
•    Leadership regeneration through mentorship
•    HIV or STD/mental health/substance abuse education, screening and support
•    Family reunification and transportation assistance

Community/Social Integration through Activism and Education
New Expectations will organize after-school activities, events and workshops within various communities to establish community services/restitution model, either directly or through partnerships with community, faith-based, political, and/or victim-advocate activists and organizations in the following areas:
•    After-school programming and “safe” houses
•    Crime and gang intercession monthly forums
•    Community forums, workshops and empowerment programming
•    Crime-victim awareness and Hip-Hop monthly summits
•    Peer-to-peer and at-risk youth dialogue and sponsorship
•    Community maintenance services and leadership regeneration

Human Resources
New Expectations will develop a stable, highly qualified and motivated workforce that actively delivers the organization's mission.

Resource Development
New Expectations will be a highly visible, will-respected, non-profit reentry organization that attracts increased numbers of volunteers and higher levels of contributions to support operations, programs and initiatives. Successful implementation of this strategic plan will result in more quality supports and services delivered to at-risk youth clients; more clients “integrated” into community life, contributing to the improvement of public safety and more socially assimilated; and a broader array of groups and individuals within the community valuing and supporting at-risk youth.  The ultimate result New Expectations aspires to achieve is far beyond high quality supports and services for at-risk youth.  It is about improving public safety by effectively integrating and socially assimilating at-risk youth into the community.  This will hopefully bring about change in community life for each and every resident.

Organization of the Strategic Plan
As previously noted, this strategic plan is intended to be a management tool for New Expectations.  This plan has two purposes:  First, it presents the most comprehensive compilation of the plan and its component parts.  It is a record of the strategic planning process and the decisions reached by the Board of Directors and the Steering Committee.  Second, it is a reference guide for strategic planning.  In the future, New Expectations may choose to produce a summary version of the plan for distribution to its primary and supporting partners and other stakeholders.

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