About Us

Our Premise

We find three (3) very important points that cannot be ignored when devising strategies to resolve youth crime & recidivism. They are (1) Lack of habilitation; (2) Institutional & social criminal reinforcement; and (3) Lack of community identity.

Our Mission

To provide social adjustment/habilitation assistance & reentry services to young adult offenders ages 14 through 21 who have been involved in the juvenile justice system from the age of 14 or above and have never been convicted as an adult under Federal or State law; & to further promote initiatives designed to advance the re-entry policies & initiatives affecting other ex-offenders in the South Dallas area.

Our Goal

The goal of New Expectations is to administer programs and initiatives that provide ex-offender youth with the strategies and resources needed for successful transition from a life of criminal dependence to one of being socially habilitated and prepared to live independent of crime.

Federal & State Organizing Timeline

December 12, 2007                Finalize Articles & Charter
 January 16, 1008                Certificate of Formation filed
     January 23, 2008                Certificate of Formation issued
                     June 5, 2008                    Employer Identification Number assigned
                      June 3, 2009                    Application for Tax-Exemption Status filed
     Mar 4, 2010                    Federal Tax-Exemption Approved
         February 14, 2011                Texas Tax-Exemption Approved

Who We Are

New Expectations is organized to develop and implement programs and initiatives exclusively for charitable purposes under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code. They are meant to address the following important factors identified for the successful delivery of services to at-risk youth and adjudicated juveniles:

...Employment/Trade/Career Development

...Cognitive and Social Behavioral Training

...Temporary Housing/Alternative Education

...Mental Health Screening & Referral

...Substance Abuse Referral and Treatment

...Crime and Crime-Victim Awareness

...Gang Intervention

...Transitional Services

Our Events & Fundraisers

Money Matters Financial Literacy Field Trip

This initiative, during the first 6-week period of class-room activities, will cover the topics of 1) understanding U.S. financial markets, 2) budgeting and personal finance management, 3) banking and credit, 4)investment vehicles, 5)insurance, and, 6) the basics of starting a small business. The seventh week consists of charting a bus and completing a road-trip with mentors from the local business community and youth participants from Dallas to Washington and to New York as we visit our country's most famous financial sites.
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Ex-offender Community Outreach

This effort represents a comprehensive approach towards programmatic participation by adjudicated youth in the community. The program will employ at-risk participants/adjudicated juveniles for neighbourhood revitalization projects that involve making improvements within distressed communities. This program will not only provide for most young men and women first-time paying jobs, but also their first time to working actively within their community.
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City Community Collaboration Workshops

These workshops concentrate on gang violence education and intervention, crime-victim awareness, financial literacy, strategies in professional communication and mannerisms, domestic violence, discipline, and principles of law and legal rights for troubled youth and their parents in the targeted hot spot neighborhoods.
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